Fear to face technical interview?

Interviews have always been an exhausting experience. A situation where you are judged on your performance for a job. Everybody feel anxious and nervous when it comes to interviews. Relax! Don’t panic. You need to overcome the nervousness.


For any given vacancy, at least hundreds, if not thousands, of candidates apply. It takes only a few seconds for an HR manager to reject you if your resume fails to make that first impression. Thus, it is important to succinctly outline your career objective, work experience, projects, trainings, personal strengths and so on. You must have seen many articles regarding how to crack managerial, HR interviews. So now you all know very well about some questions like

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • Where do you want to see yourself after 5 years?
  • What is your greater weakness?
  • And many other questions..

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As a technical person, a candidate has to face technical round, as a measure to calculate how well technically sound he or she is. Even after being well-prepared, many candidates do not move ahead of technical interview round even after providing best answers. Based on hiring managers’ experience in interviewing people for technical role, during the interview, lot of programmers do basic mistakes which results to rejection.

Some common mistakes which are encountered during technical rounds are

  • Usage of jargon to impress interviewers.
  • Complicate the things for a question which they cannot answer.
  • Not strong on basics of a programming language.
  • Not able to think through design aspects based on the complexity.

Here are some tips to crack a technical interview.


  • Irrespective of your technical role, be very strong in the basics of the programming language. Revise the coding parts of your favourite programming language. You may know more than one programming language but you have to tell them what you are best at. Suppose its C. Tell them and be prepared for some tough questions.
  • Mini & Major projects you did in college. In which technology did you make the project? Why did you choose that definition & How you did it. Which Data Structure did you use and how did you implement?
  • Be ready to NO, I don’t know the answer, I am ready to learn provided the opportunity. Interviewers are not measuring you with the correct answers that you provided. They are measuring you based on how open you are to learn new areas.
  • Be succinct on the answers. Do not add extra words to explain the basic answer. Interviewers do not like this.
  • Stop trying to make the water muddy  by giving irrelevant answers or asking question that doesn’t make sense. When you do this, any interviewer will immediately put negatives in their score card.
  • Take your time to answer. Many times, hasty response would not be appropriate could be wrong.


Last but not the least, you must have strong communication skill to achieve the target. Simply be confident, talk clearly and give your 100%.

Hope this will help you to crack the technical interviews. Good Luck !

Krupa Patel
Krupa Patel is a very passionate person. She is managing Steady Steps besides producing quality blogs for students, freshers and even experienced professionals to enhance their professional skills.

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