How to work effectively at work – Part 2

So, did you read the previous blog? Great! If not and you’re new to our blogs, then please read previous one as it’s the same blog describing some more strategies and tips how to work effectively at work? In the first part of this article, you read some tips to follow in workspace. And in this second part, I’ll describe some work strategies and lifestyle changes tips. So, let’s start with second part.

Learn some work strategies

Break your large tasks into smaller ones

No matter how activated you normally are, there are always some tasks in your list that you just don’t want to complete. The reason behind it can be lengthy tasks, time-consuming, boring, etc. Instead of putting it off forever, motivate yourself by breaking it down into smaller manageable pieces. It will help you avoid stress. The toughest work is to make a layout of what you actually have to do to get it done. Once that is done, half of the task you already have accomplished.

Lighten your workload by delegation


Delegation means assignment of any responsibilities to another person to carry out specific activities. It doesn’t mean you can give your underlings projects that only you know how to complete, give them tedious and repetitive tasks so that you can use your talent on more important work. Also delegation must provide challenge for your subordinates and encourage them to develop their capabilities. If you delegate your work, do remember to take follow ups and give them deadlines. Also appreciate them once work is done. It is a clear sign that you respect and trust them. If they feel so they’ll work hard for you on your projects.

Make meetings fun and productive not boring

Most of the employees hate meetings. According to a survey, almost half of all employees consider meetings to be the biggest source of wasted time at work. People come to attend meetings because they have to, not because they want to. They really don’t think it helps them get real tasks done.

Here’s a few tips to make your meetings more fun and productive as possible:

  • Open a meeting with a positive round. Psychological experiments have shown that the way a meeting starts, sets the tone for the whole meeting. If you start with something positive, the rest of the meeting is more likely to be more fun.
  • Interrupt the meeting regularly. “Friends, we have a long agenda today – let’s skip the breaks and get more done.” No, it will never work. A 5-minute break every hour is mandatory thing.
  • Make a connection with everyone in a room. Some people have a habit of starting meetings by reading the agenda. Reading an agenda shouldn’t be your meeting opener. The point of face-to-face meeting is obvious to meet face-to-face. So make connection with everyone in a meeting and give him/her chance to speak or describe his/her point.
  • Celebrate success. Celebrate one’s success in a meeting. There is no better place than this. Make sure everyone speak 2-3 lines for the success achiever. It will encourage him to work better.

We all know bad meetings suck people out there and leaving them tired and unhappy. It can lead to bad decisions too. So, make sure you make meetings more productive and fun instead of boring.

Communicate and Clarify

All the us have to collaborate with others at some level in order to do our jobs in workplace. So we have to learn how to work effectively with others too. To avoid rework and wasted time, we need to eliminate miscommunications and misunderstandings. Get it clear the first time, if you still don’t get it, ask another time, discuss things with colleagues and you’ll save your time and energy.

Lifestyle changes

Be well rested

Tiredness can slow your output, dull your performance. Insufficient sleep can embarrass you several times like in a meeting you just just can’t stop yourself to fall asleep. Also it causes many health problems. So, go to your bed early and get 7-8 hours of sleep to be at your best on the next day.

Do Exercise / Meditation


A good set of exercise schedule can improve your workplace mood and productivity. Don’t you agree to this point? Science has proven that when you exercise, you are also increasing blood flow to the brain, which can help you sharpen your awareness and make you ready to tackle your challenges at workplace. It can give you more energy which means you’ll feel more awake at work.

Improve your mood

Since a major part of an employee’s time is spent in office, he/she tends to carry a certain amount of work stress back home. Also personal tensions also tend to come out at the workplace. Good moods at work are contagious, but so are bad moods. So break the bad mood cycle and get immersed into your work or listen to your favorite tracks if your company allows you to do so.

Give yourself motivation

It is much easier to work efficiently if you have a work upon your interest. But if you’re facing difficulty getting your work done, take a break of 5 minutes. And motivate yourself by thinking your reason to be here in this job, your life’s goals and dreams, etc. This will motivate you to complete the task.

Reward yourself

There is a real importance of rewarding yourself after hard work, stress and achieved goals. If you’ve successfully achieve a target or complete a project, then it’s time to celebrate because you deserve it. It can be as simple as a cup of tea while watching your favourite stuffs or party with friends. That part is up to you and obviously on your budget!

When we’re effective at work, we automatically manage our time, we communicate clearly and we have a good attitude towards other employees or work. Also, make sure that you also spend some time into further learning. You never know how or when it will pay off!

So, these are some tips from my side to increase work efficiency at workplace. What about you? Do you think any other tip can help us at work? Does this post help you in any way? Leave your comments below. I would love to hear from you!

Krupa Patel
Krupa Patel is a very passionate person. She is managing Steady Steps besides producing quality blogs for students, freshers and even experienced professionals to enhance their professional skills.

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